The only change in Wharton County following the UIL announced its conference cutoff numbers is Boling ISD dropping from 3A D1 to 3A D2.

The change will likely reunite East Bernard and Boling in the same district as they’ve been in years before.

East Bernard ISD turned in 308 students and Boling ISD turned in 335 students both falling in 3A D2, which is between 250 and 359 students.

“We are definitely excited to be going back down to D2. I hope it gives our kids a chance to be more successful,” Boling athletic director Kevin Urbanek said.

While Wharton ISD was near the 3A D1 cutoff last season, after turning in in 613 students it will remain in 4A D2, the conference cutoff numbers were between 545 and 879 students. Wharton’s district could gain West Columbia.

El Campo ISD has staved off a 5A classification for another realignment and will be staying put in 4A D1 after the UIL released its conference cutoff numbers for 2022 through 2024 seasons.

El Campo turned in 1,112 students well short of the 5A classification. The 4A D1 conference cutoff numbers were between 880 and 1,299 students.

The realignments won’t be released until early next year. However, what is known, West Columbia will not be in El Campo’s district, with them dropping down to 4A D2, turning in 847.5 students.

Louise ISD turned in 140 students and will remain in 2A D2 with the cutoff numbers between 105 and 164.4 students.

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