Branded Bliss Boutique lead the pack for December 2021 with the most referrals from our website,

The referrals are from our online membership directory, where people click on a member listing to call on the phone, or click to their websites to find the business or ask them more information.

Branded Bliss Boutique got 30 referrals for that month, alone.

Here’s the rest of the Top 10.

2. Beni’s Italian, 26.

3. Gracie James Boutique, 22

4. R2G Waffle-Wings & Morem 18 (tie).

Silvan Learning of El Campo, 18 (tie).

Wharton Knights of Columbus, 18 (tie).

5. Country Pride Real Estate, 17 (tie).

Livipops, 17 (tie).

M. Rae West, 17 (tie).

6. BSR Properties, 16.

7. DesignerISH, 15 (tie).

Spherion Staffing, 15 (tie).

V8 Ranch, 15 (tie).

8. 3 Strands RV, 14 (tie).

Caney Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation, 14 (tie).

9. Choice! Energy Management, 13 (tie).

Gary Krenek Farmers Insurance, 13 (tie).

10. Friends of Wharton Animal Control, 12.

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