Ciao. Adios. Peace out. Arrivederci. Bye Felicia! 

Was anyone sad to see 2021 go? We started out last January with high expectations and a multitude of hope. Our world was going to be normal again. COVID was going to disappear as quickly as it showed up; people wouldn’t be afraid to go out in public or gather with their friends and family. We could start living our lives once again.

January didn’t bring any of those things. COVID cases continued to rise, as did the death toll. The government did roll out a vaccine. And depending on who you ask, that was a good thing. Or an indifferent piece of information.

January also brought a change of leadership to the White House, which proved to be anything but a peaceful transition. 

Then along came February and the greatest snow storm of all time, Snovid. Wreaking havoc on many homes and businesses, not to mention wiping out our power grid and leaving many without power for days. Many of us are still cleaning up after this freak of nature. 

I can’t recall for sure, but by March it seems like things were getting back to normal. Or maybe the rebel that I am, I just got back to normal. By springtime, churches were open at full capacity, as were most restaurants. In April the Wharton County Youth Fair offered a show and go livestock show for our county kids to exhibit their projects. This year we are Bringing Back the Fun!

We seemed to sail along fairly well through summer time. We celebrated two milestone anniversaries with our parents and enjoyed a family lake vacation with our entire crew. Fall saw the return of college football and other sports. We could actually attend games at Kyle Field without a mask, so that was a welcome change. 

The Houston Astros made it to the World Series for the fourth time. And blew it.

Experts suggest the latest strain of COVID-19, the Omicron, first appeared in the United States in November. We welcomed it into our home in December. The entire family had it, so we celebrated our country COVID Christmas as planned. Fortunately, we all made quick recoveries and no one was super sick.

We took the grandsons to see Christmas lights at Constellation Field in Sugar Land. They were totally unimpressed but did enjoy the carnival. And the $12 snow cone that went in the garbage after half of the rainbow syrup spilled on me. At least the two bottles of $9 water made it home and were eventually consumed.

Losing legendary entertainer and beloved icon Betty White on the last day of the year gave me another reason to be happy to bid adieu to 2021. 

I like to say there is always something to be thankful for. Today, I’m thankful 2022 is finally here. Better things are surely in store for us all this year. Happy New Year!

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