Dear editor,

I was surprised to see the misleading headline on the Jan. 8 edition.

Shouldn’t it read Welfare Program for Refinery up for Vote? It must be nice to know that what would, in an ethical/principled business environment, be considered a cost of doing business, ie; taxes, has suddenly become a profit center!  But, but, but, JOBS! boosters shout.

Sure, but what about the need for extra infrastructure that will be needed, fire, power, water/sewage, healthcare, emergency services, roads, etc. that in many cases will be provided by private businesses who are not so blessed by the county.

Where are the bottom line calculations from an uninterested entity that show whether or not this will ultimately benefit the county? I’d be interested in seeing that published. SMH, we’ll give money to a corporation to insure that they can profit, but we can’t afford a flood plan to save lives and property until forced to do so or the federal government steps in. 

It’s ironic that the company benefiting from the county largesse is the only entity not having to pay for any of it.

Ernest Ondrias


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