Now that the New Year has arrived and in the spirit of beginning anew, let’s turn the page and work together as a collective group for the students in Wharton ISD.

I’ve been here for a year and a half and the dissension that exists at times bothers me. To have a prosperous community and school district, we’re all going to have to work together; the school district, the city government, and community stakeholders. Our students are our most valuable resource and they are depending on us to do right by them.

I’ve been here soon to be two years now and it feels like everyone is looking for someone to blame instead of working together to figure out how we can revitalize our schools and this community. I’ve had the fortune of meeting with Mr. Joe Pace, Wharton City Manager, since he’s arrived and we’ve been successfully working together to strengthen the school district and city government relationship thus far. 

I’ve heard things such as no one wants to move here because our schools are so bad, and every time the city can stick it to the school district they do. There’s no discipline in the schools, and I send my students to (fill in the blank) ISD because I don’t want them going to school with those kids.

How do any of these sentiments help us get to where we want to be or help our students? If this community is going to bounce back and flourish once again, it’ll be because we all put our differences aside and work together. Our students are the future leaders in this community. We owe it to them to rally together and stand behind them.

What good does holding on to past disagreements do for the kids we should all be serving? I’ll answer it; it does nothing to help. We can’t continue to hold this community and school district back and not allow it to evolve and grow. If we want our graduates to graduate and eventually return to Wharton, something has to change.

The next generation has to see growth through collaboration and togetherness or they’re ultimately going to choose not to return to this community because they see greater opportunities for personal and professional growth elsewhere. By coming together, we can be the reason this community and our school district gets back on top.

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