Looking for intruders

Armed with an assault rifle and a shotgun, Wharton County Sheriff’s Dept. officials check the exterior of a Forrest Lawn home for intruders.

Armed with shotguns and assault rifles, deputies and constables rushed to a Forrest Lawn home Monday morning after it was reported that there were several people sneaking around the neighborhood.

But after a half hour search rummaging through waist high weeds and peering beneath manufactured homes, law enforcement officials came up empty handed.

“We could find no evidence of anyone having been on the property and there was no person underneath the house,” said Lt. Daniel Marek of the Wharton County Sheriff’s Dept. 

The suspicious persons call came in at 11:10 a.m. Monday. Nicole Thomason, who lives at 563 Forrest Lawn, reported that she had seen unknown individuals on her property.

“My dog was barking,” she told the Wharton Journal-Spectator, “and I heard a banging against the side of the house.”

Thomason said she also saw several people wearing hoodies running around behind her home. Fearful of a break-in, she called 9-1-1.

Officers responded quickly, and in large numbers. More than half a dozen responded, with deputies, investigators and Precinct 2 constables arriving at the rural home.

Uncertain of what they might encounter, officers armed themselves with assault rifles and shotguns while they carefully searched the property. Investigators also searched neighboring streets by car. 

Though there were spots in the grass behind the home that appeared to have been pushed down, it was impossible to determine when that had been done — or by whom.

A next-door neighbor told deputies that part of the skirting beneath her home appeared to have been tampered with, too. They searched there as well, but, again, no one was found.

Deputies would actually return to 563 Forrest Lawn later in the day after the homeowner again reported hearing sounds beneath her home. Like before, it was a fruitless endeavor.

Marek said it’s possible that there may have been wild animals crawling beneath the homes, making sounds and pulling down skirting.

Jesse Swindell, who also lives at the Forrest Lawn home, said he hoped that whoever — or whatever — had caused the ruckus had moved on.

“There’s a lot of places out here to hide,” he said.

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