An El Campo middle school student was arrested on Thursday morning for allegedly bringing a gun and loaded ammo clip to school.

Few details of the incident have been released, but Superintendent Bob Callaghan said no one was harmed during the incident.

“A middle school student made a ‘see something, say something’ report to a teacher and campus administrator concerning an alleged weapon in another student’s possession,” Callaghan said. 

Staff confronted the student in question, and found an unloaded handgun and a fully loaded ammo clip in his backpack, Callaghan said. 

“We are not aware of any verbal or written threats directed at students or staff on campus,” Callaghan said. “We believe this was an isolated incident and have no indication that any other students were involved.”

Tensions across the country are high because of the Michigan high school shooting incident that left four people dead and at least eight injured. The student in that incident allegedly took a handgun his father purchased just four days prior and opened fire on his classmates earlier this week.

At El Campo Middle School no one was harmed and teachers were able to quickly deescalate the situation, but there was still a gun brought to a school filled with students and staff.

Details are still limited, but ultimately a middle school student should be praised for their quick thinking and response, Callaghan said.

“We want to praise the student who quickly reported the weapon to school staff,” Callaghan said. “This student’s actions were heroic and should serve as an example to all students of how to respond when there is a potential threat on campuses.”

The slogan “If You See Something, Say Something” is part of a national campaign to raise awareness of the importance of reporting suspicious activity to the proper authorities.

“If a student learns that there is a weapon on campus, they should notify a school official, a teacher or a coach,” El Campo Police Department Cpl. Mark Biskup said, adding they should not try to talk to or intercept the armed student.

Questions remain on what happened, what the student was charged with and if he is back home with his parents. Be sure to check the Journal-Spectator Facebook page and upcoming editions for more information.

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