The Wharton County Office of Emergency Management has been notified that cases continue to climb significantly in the county, as well as the state.

Here are some updates: 

On Dec. 31, Wharton County had an estimated 166 active cases; today that number is 301. 

On Dec. 31, the hospitalization rate for Trauma Service Area Q was 11.74%; today that rate is 16.19%. 

On Dec. 31, approximately 181,000 Texans were suffering with COVID-19; today that number is over 331,000. 

“The medical professionals continue to remind us that the Omicron variant is highly contagious and the comparisons above support that fact,” said Debbie Cenko, deputy emergency management coordinator. “Please use every precaution to avoid getting infected with the disease. Avoid crowds. Mask up, if indoors. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. And plan to get vaccinated, if you haven’t already and are eligible to do so.”

Vaccination clinics

There are two local opportunities to get vaccinated: Jan. 7 at the Wharton Civic Center and on Jan. 18 at the Fire Training Field in El Campo, both from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will be available. 

“Let’s protect each other, as much as possible. Testing is hard to get, and antiviral medications and antibody drug infusions are extremely limited if you get infected. The medical community is getting weary and overburdened,” Cenko said. 

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