WCJC Foundation gifted $2,500 by law firm

The Wharton County Junior College Foundation accepts a $2,500 gift from the law firm Wadler, Perches, Hundl & Kerlick. The law firm has pledged a matching campaign, both to benefit scholarships at WCJC. Pictured from the left are Gary Gillen, board member, WCJC Foundation; Gordon Sorrel, president, WCJC Foundation; Philip Hundl , managing partner at WPHK; Jonathan Jeter, director, WCJC Foundation; John Perches, partner at WPHK; Shea Krauskopf, asssociate at WPHK; Ray Kerlick, partner at WPHK; Bruce Krauskopf, board member, WCJC Foundation; and Vince Reina Jr., board member, WCJC Foundation.

The Wharton County Junior College Foundation recently accepted a gift of $2,500 from the law firm of Wadler, Perches, Hundl & Kerlick. The firm, which operates its main office out of downtown Wharton but also maintains offices in Richmond, Fulshear, El Campo, and Bay City, has also pledged a matching campaign to benefit the foundation. Wadler, Perches, Hundl, & Kerlick has been serving local community and assisting its clients since it was founded in 1960. 

“We are so proud to support a worthy organization that helps provide students with affordable higher education opportunities,” said Phillip Hundl, who serves as the managing partner. “We know that we are a part of a strong philanthropic community here, so our firm and I are proud to support the WCJC Foundation.”

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