Things we had that our children wouldn’t understand

Tricia Potts

Driving to work one morning this week, the DJs on the radio were discussing things they grew up with that their children had no idea about.

Things like VHS movies. A couple of my children had VHS tapes in their early years; by the time the last one came along everything was on a DVD.

I rewound “Winnie the Pooh” for my oldest child more times than I could count. It seemed like it took longer for the movie to rewind than the 22 minutes it played.

A lady called into the show and said her 12-year-old son had no idea how to turn on a DVD player, much less put the disk into play. It doesn’t seem possible that those things have been around that long.

Had the hubs and I reminiscing about things our kids or grandkids would never appreciate. A rolodex or fax machine? Who still has one of those?

Renting a movie at Blockbuster or the local movie rental place. “Please be kind; rewind” was the sticker found on most movie rental boxes. I’m sure my youngest daughter just remembers the Red Box kiosks that were in front of every McDonald’s you drove by.

Not sure my children ever had to get up to change the channel on the TV, unless they misplaced the remote control. They certainly never had to adjust the rabbit ear antenna to get a clear picture or lived with only four channels.

Full service gas stations are something my children never experienced. And if some politicians have their way, my grandchildren won’t know about gas stations at all. They’ll just plug in their vehicles and charge them up.

We still have a non-working rotary dial phone in our home. My kids remember when it was in an old fishing cabin and actually worked. My grandsons just think it’s fun to see how far they can stretch the cord.

We lugged around movie cameras to our children’s sporting events, dance recitals and class plays. Parents today just whip out their cell phones. I used to buy music albums so I could learn the lyrics to songs. Only to realize I was singing the wrong words.

I recently purchased a dimmer for my patio lights from Amazon where I downloaded an app so I can control the lights from my phone. How soon will we forget what life was like before Amazon? Maybe I already have.

I’m holding on to my VHS and DVD players. They are going to be retro and cool again someday.

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