The East Bernard Board of Aldermen approved two major drainage items that were on the agenda during a regular Monday meeting.

They unanimously approved a resolution creating the City of East Bernard Drainage Task Force and approval for a Request for Proposals and Qualifications (RPQ) for professional engineering services for a drainage study.

The listed duties of the Drainage Task Force, according to Resolution 2021-003 are as follows: 

• to investigate, consider, and recommend necessary actions to remediate or improve drainage conditions;

• to investigate, consider and recommend to the Board of Aldermen matters concerning the development of the City and the City’s infrastructure including the construction or improvement of drainage; and 

• such other duties as may from time to time be delegated to the Drainage Task Force by the Board of Aldermen. 

The next move is for aldermen to appoint five to seven qualified East Bernard voters, two of which will be aldermen. 

Appointments are two-year terms, running concurrently with the mayor’s position. 

The first Drainage Task Force meeting will be next month. A chairman, vice-chairman, and secretary will be selected.

Like the Drainage Task Force, the aldermen unanimously voted to approve the RPQ. 

The City of East Bernard is requesting proposals and statements of qualifications from qualified professional engineering consultants specializing in drainage to assist the city with review of problematic flooding that has occurred in the city. 

The City of East Bernard is also asking for the development of potential recommendations and options to improve and prevent future flooding events. 

The RPQ will be posted soon and once received, will be one of the first items of business for the Drainage Task Force.

Alderman Jonathon Szymanski said the city has communicated with State Sen. Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham) on the city’s continued woes with flooding, and how the San Bernard River plays a major role in it.

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