Email or text message? What’s your preferred method of 21st century communication?

My children make fun of their father and me for our reliance on email versus a text message.

If I have a lot to say, it’s so much easier for me type on my keyboard at my desktop than pecking it out on the miniature keyboard on my phone. If I’m organizing a family vacation, we’re communicating via email.

I know, text messages are more modern. The younger generation thinks they are more convenient. I agree with both of these things. However, it’s so much easier to look back on an email thread and discern who volunteered to bring mashed potatoes and who isn’t going to make the celebration.

The hubs and I tend to favor email over texting. Generally, it starts with one of us sharing a link about a concert we won’t ever attend or cool place to visit we’ll never travel to. The road is paved with good intentions, you know. In fairness to us, we are both sitting in front of a computer many hours a day. If the email notification pops up, it’s often time difficult to ignore.

We’ll exchange a few emails about some random thing at home. Our internet provider will email with a special promotion for a new, more powerful router for the house to make our Wi-Fi faster and more reliable. I’ll forward to him, ask his opinion. After a few back and forth volleys, he’ll say “We’ll discuss tonight.” Which is his polite way of saying I’m done with this conversation, because we never talk about it when we get home.

I also know that if I want a timely response from one of my children a text message is the only way to go. I know they check email numerous times a day for business purposes, however, emails from mom generally go unanswered. And if I ask if they got my email, they have. They just didn’t feel the need to respond. They do still answer my phone calls so I guess I should be grateful for that.

There are numerous pros and cons for emailing and texting. In fact, there is an entire website dedicated to just that discussion. Seems like texting is here to stay, and email could be on its way out. 

We’ve come a long way from hand writing letters (remember those days?), I wonder what the preferred method of communication will be 10 or 20 years from now.

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