Only seven powerlifters in Wharton County made it to the state meet, four coming from Boling and three from East Bernard.

Competing at the Taylor Country Expo Center in Abilene in late March, two Boling senior lifters posted top-five finishes.

In the 198-pound weight class Jesse Arrington, in his return trip to state, placed fifth lifting a combined 1,480 pounds. Arrington broke his personal best squat and overall combined weight by 20 pounds.

Lifting in the super heavyweight division, Raybert Williamson lifted a combined 1,645 pounds. Williamson blew past his personal best, adding 70 pounds to his combined lift. Williamson’s squat of 760 pounds was the third best of everyone at state.

Boling had two lifters at state last year.

Also competing at state for the Bulldogs were Charles Mack and Emanuel Covarrubias.

The Bulldogs had 12 lifters at the regional meet.

East Bernard

The East Bernard Brahmas had three powerlifters representing the school at the state meet.

East Bernard senior Kaleb Rivera had the Brahmas highest finish, coming in fourth place in the 148-pound weight class.

Rivera lifted a combined 1,295 pounds in the deadlift, bench press and squat. Rivera’s deadlift of 495 was the third-best in the state. His squat of 500 was a personal best by 10 pounds.

Brahma junior DJ Losack came in seventh in the 198-pound weight class. Loscak bested his squat record by 20 pounds. East Bernard senior Lance Heimann was 13th in the 242-pound weight class. At state, he broke his personal best deadlift by 15 pounds.

The three lifters matched the same total the Brahmas had a state last year.

East Bernard had eight lifters at the regional meet this season, with Rivera winning the regional championship.

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