East Bernard and Boling showed well at the District 24 track meet in East Bernard last Thursday.

Behind sheer numbers, the East Bernard Brahmas and the Brahmarettes overwhelmed other schools to win their home meet, with the Boling Bulldogs taking second place.

With seven district champions, the Brahmarettes destroyed their competition by nearly 100 points. The East Bernard girls’ team had 184 points, with senior Bailey Leopold leading the way with three first-place finishes in the 100 and 300-meter hurdles and the long jump. East Bernard sophomore Malaya Thomas was the fastest athlete at the meet, winning the 100 and 200-meter dash.

“This group of girls (goes) above and beyond when it comes to their work ethic. They leave it all on the track every single meet and I can’t ask for more than that from a coach’s perspective,” Brahamrette coach Keri Slanina said. “I can always count on them to give me 100 percent.”

Hitchcock scored 87 points, good enough for second place. The Boling Lady Bulldog team scored 80 points and finished in fifth place, three points away from third.

Like the girls, the Brahmas easily won first, but saw a little more competition from Boling and Hitchcock, all scoring over 100 points.

The Brahmas had eight athletes finish first in their event led by senior Colby Kurtz winning both of the distance races. The Brahmas 4x200 and 4x400 relay teams also finished first. East Bernard’s boys pole vault team had a clean sweep first through third, as the only athletes competing in district, all earning a trip to regionals. The Brahmas scored 184, 51 more points than Boling, which came in second place.

“This has probably been one of our hardest, most cohesive group of athletes in my six years of being at East Bernard. The leadership from our seniors allows us to create a workload for exponential results on the track. I cannot be more proud of our athletes and look forward to their continued success on Wednesday in Coldsprings for our Area meet,” Brahma coach Rocky Vaclavick said.

Boling had a number of second-place finishes right behind East Bernard. The Bulldogs’ lone district championship came from senior Tyler Eastep in the 110-meter hurdles.

The area meet will be at Coldspring-Oakhurst High School today. The regional meet will be at Midway High School in Waco on April 28-29.

Girls results

3,200-meter run

District Champion: Van Vleck: 12:43.61

2) East Bernard: Anna Witte: 13:06.45 (personal best)

3) East Bernard: Lily Alexander: 13:06.53 (personal best)

4): East Bernard: Jasmine Munives: 13:45.13

1,600-meter run

District Champion: Van Vleck: 5:40.18

2) East Bernard: Ashlynn Lemos: 5:44.64

4) East Bernard : Anna Witte: 5:54.95

5) Boling: Karli Horta: 5:59.15

6) East Bernard: Lily Alexander: 6:02.09

4x100-meter relay 

District Champion: Hitchcock: 49.17

3) East Bernard: 53.11

4x200-meter relay

District Champion: Hitchcock: 1:45.18

4) East Bernard: 1:53.79

5) Boling: 1:55.03

4x400-meter relay

District Champion: East Bernard:  4:12.19

3) Boling: 4:24.53

800-meter run

District Champion: Van Vleck: 2:26.24

2) East Bernard: Ashlynn Lemos: 2:26.98

4) Boling: Karli Horta: 2:35.92

6) East Bernard: Jasmine Munivez: 2:42.74

100-meter hurdles

District Champion: East Benard: Bailey Leopold: 16.36

2) Boling: Morgan Krasucky: 17.38

4) Boling: Brooke West: 17.83

5) East Bernard: Gabby Boehnemann: 18.02

6) East Bernard: Grace Wilcox: 18.08

300-meter hurdles

District Champion: East Bernard : Bailey Leopold: 48.57

2) Boling: Brooke West: 51.05

3) East Bernard: Grace Wilcox: 51.58

4) East Bernard: Gabby Boehnemann: 52.17

7) Boling: Morgan Krasucky: 55.62

100-meter dash

District Champion: East Bernard: Malaya Thomas: 12.98

7) Boling: Haley Fojtik: 14.05

200-meter dash

District Champion: East Bernard: Malaya Thomas: 26.06


District Champion: Hitchcock: 1:01.73

8) Boling: Karli Horta: 1:11.49


District Champion: Van Vleck: 111’1”

2) Boling: Madison Malone: 98’6”

3) East Bernard: Emma Logan: 95’3”

4) East Bernard: Avery Scott: 91’5”

6) East Bernard: London Cavness: 88’11”

10) Boling : Ellie Voulgaris: 68’11”

High jump

District Champion: Brazos 

2) Boling: Brooke West : 4’8”

Long jump

District Champion: Bailey Leopold: 16’8.75”

2) Boling: Haley Fojtik: 16’0.75”

5) East Bernard: 15’8.5”

10) Boling: Landynn Tompkins: 14’7.75”

13) East Bernard: Grace Wilcox: 14’0.25”

Pole vault

District Champion: East Bernard: Ashlynn Lemos: 7’

Shot put

District Champion: Boling: Madison Malone: 35’

2) East Bernard:  Brea Glover: 32’

11) Boling: Ellie Voulgaris: 25’8.5”

Triple jump

District Champion: Hempstead: 34’6”

2) East Bernard: Bailey Leopold : 33’4.50”

4) Boling: Cheyanne Brooks: 32’6.50”

5) East Bernard: Lauryn Locke: 31’9.50”

7) Boling: Suri Weaver: 31’6.50”

Boys results

3,200-meter run

District Champion: East Bernard: Colby Kurtz: 9:54.37

4) East Bernard: Ty Grigar: 10:57.49  moving 

5) East Bernard: Justin Kurtz: 11:21.28 

7) Boling: Aaron Blanco: 11:31.01

1,600-meter run

District Champion: East Bernard: Colby Kurtz: 4:31.76

2) East Bernard: Christopher Kopecky: 4:32.78

5) East Bernard : Ty Grigar: 4:57.15

6) Boling: Aaron Blanco: 5:10.79

4x100-meter relay 

District Champion: Hitchcock: 43.15

2) Boling: 43.40

3) East Bernard: 43.74

4x200-meter relay

District Champion: East Bernard: 1:30.73

3) Boling: 1:33.66

4x400-meter relay

District Champion: East Bernard: 3:29.88

2) Boling: 3:33.15

800-meter run

District Champion: East Bernard: Christopher Kopecky: 2:01.19

4) Boling: Emanuel Covarrubias: 2:07.87

5) East Bernard: Cole Janecek: 2:09.34

6) East Bernard: Justin Kurtz: 2:13.02

10) Boling: Aaron Blanco: 2:18.99

110-meter hurdles

District Champion: Boling: Tyler Eastep: 15.01

3) Boling: Ty Rolf: 15.63

4) East Bernard: Malik Thomas: 16.08

5) Boling: Jaxson Urbanek: 17.00

6) East Bernard: Weston Swoboda: 17.65

300-meter hurdles

District Champion: Hempstead: 41.36

2) East Bernard: Malik Thomas: 41.88

3) Boling: Jaxson Urbanek: 43.62

4) East Bernard: Weston Swoboda: 44.74

5) Boling: Kaden Lunford: 44.80

6) East Bernard: Seth Morton: 45.98

100-meter dash 

District Champion: Hitchcock: 11.00

3) Boling: Chard Hayes: 11.18

200-meter dash

District Champion: Hitchcock: 22.56

5) East Bernard: Chase Anderson: 23.50

400-meter dash

District Champion: Danbury: 50.79

2) Boling: Garrett Gavranovic: 51.22

3) Boling: James Arrington: 52.50

7) Boling: Emanuel Covarrubias: 53.52


District Champion: East Bernard : Ty Domel: 137’1”

2) East Bernard: Dustan Losak: 123’11”

3) East Bernard: Camden Fucik: 116’5”

4) Boling: Seth Bear: 110’10”

6) Boling: Trenton Jones: 105’11”

12) Boling: Derrick Hippler: 91’3”

High jump

District Champion: Hitchcock: 6’2”

2) Boling: Jaxson Urbanek: 5’10”

4) East Bernard: Levi Mercier: 5’10”

6) East Bernard: Odrick Thomas: 5’8”

7) East Bernard: Malik Thomas: 5’8”

Pole vault

District Champion: East Bernard: Randon Polak: 12’6”

3) East Bernard: Clayton Fajkus: 10’6”

4) East Bernard: Seth Morton: 10’

Shot put

District Champion: East Bernard: Austin Norton: 43’5”

2) Boling: Seth Bear: 42’7”

4) East Bernard: Ty Domel: 41’1”

7) Boling: Raybert Williamson: 39’

10) Boling: Jessie Arrington: 37’2.5”

12) East Bernard: Jacinto Martinez: 35’5.5”

Long jump

District Champion: Hitchcock: 21’5”

3) Boling: Tyler Eastep: 20’9.25”

5) Boling: Nathan King: 19’5.5”

10) East Bernard: Anthony Robles: 18’2.5”

Triple jump

District Champion: Boling: Tyler Eastep: 42’10.5”

8) East Bernard: Anthony Robles: 37’9”

9) East Bernard: Ty Grigar: 37’6.75

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