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Staff photo by Albert Villegas

The Boling Bulldogs had a 33-0 lead before the Danbury Panthers finally put points on their scoreboard during their Homecoming game on Friday, Sept. 18.

The Boling Bulldogs spoiled the Homecoming game for the Danbury Panthers to a tune of a 33-13 score on Friday, Sept. 18.

The victory improved the Bulldogs’ record to 2-1 on the season. Danbury fell to 1-1.

A 20-point third quarter effectively put the game out of the reach for Danbury. BHS scored 13 points in the first quarter aided by Danbury fumbles. The two touchdowns by Colby Chilek and Christian Montalvo, each with four-yard runs gave their team a comfortable lead. Danbury had five possessions in the first half but couldn’t find the end zone.

The BHS lead in the third quarter mushroomed by a 33-0 score courtesy of more rushing TDs by Gage Eastep (six yards), Chilek (one yard). Those scores were preceded by a Jaxson Urbanek 48-yard pass to Blake Savage.

Urbanek was 3-of-5 on point after attempts.

Boling gained 551 yards of total offense. Eastep gained 92 yards on 16 carries, and Jastin Arbing 84 yards on four carries. Quarterback Urbanek passed for 129 yards on 6-of-9 completions. His longest completion was for 48 yards to Savage (two completions, 56 yards). Eastep had three completions for 58 yards.

On defense, Blzyze Becerra had an interception. The team allowed Danbury 248 yards of total offense.

For Danbury coaches, they became frustrated with the horn that blared everytime BHS scored. One of the coaches told the referees “there is a UIL rule against noisemakers.” The ref didn’t pay him any mind.

Shawn Chilek provided statistical information for this story.

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