The following are reports provided by Wharton High School tennis coach Roben Eller.

Jan. 16

WHS played Bellville in a team tennis format and won 12 matches to 7. 

“This was a good start and win for us,” Eller said. “Bellville has been our rival, and it is always fun to beat them.”

Jan. 23

WHS this up with tri-match play with Bellville once again and nearby Needville. 

“This was more like a scrimmage and gave us an opportunity for players to play singles and doubles with multiple partners; the hardest thing about the spring is deciding what kids are going to play and who they are going to play with,” Eller said. “The good news is that we have seven tournaments to figure out the best possible combinations.”

She said in spring tennis, Tigers players may compete in only one division – singles, doubles, or mixed doubles. 

They also qualify individually to regional and state. 

Victoria Crossroads Tourney

Boys doubles First place, Reese Roddy/Wesley Maffett

Girls doubles: First place, Marisa Reyna/Carissa Kocian 

Girls singles: Third place, Katy Salyer

Boys singles: Fourth place, Sonny Smith

“This was a good tournament for us. We got to see new competition, and also competed against possible regional competition like, LaVernia and Rockport,” Eller said of the 18-team tournament. “The kids have been working hard and I believe every player we entered in the tournament made it to the quarterfinals.”

Friday, Feb. 7: 

Wharton Super 8 Tourney

Teams entered: Bellville, Brenham, Waller, Sealy, East Bernard, Lamar, and Calhoun.

Feb. 8

WHS Tennis Rummage Sale starting at 7 a.m. in WJHS old gym.

Eller said the following about the event: “This is one of our oldest traditions. Having a rummage sale is a lot of work, but it has brought people together. First, our WHS special needs kids get the rummage sale together as one of their class projects. Then, we have many of our teachers, former players, and parents who donate the merchandise. Finally, many of our customers come year after year. So, it is a win, win for our program. We make some money for our overnight trips, but most importantly, it brings people together.” 

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