Staff photo by Albert Villegas

Wharton Tigers defenders Garrison Burns (11), Carlton Scott, and Jaime Ramos all converge on a Bay City Blackcats runner during the first quarter of their non-district game Friday.

BAY CITY - It’s too bad that the Wharton Tigers had to play the second half of their non-district road game against the Bay City Blackcats Friday at Memorial Stadium, because it’s what paved the way for the homecoming game to be a success.

Bay City won 21-9, and needed two touchdowns and as many point after attempts to cement the win against an impressive Tiger team that played well, especially defensively for most of the game.

Wharton’s Kendon Mayberry recovered a fumble, sophomore Jaime Ramos earned a sack, junior Garrison Burns had two tackles for loss, and junior Carlos Muratalla and sophomore George Woods each had a tackle for a loss.

The game gave more than 100 spectators who drove down to Matagorda County an opportunity to cheer the Tigers on when they scored their first offensive touchdown of the season.

Junior wide receiver Jarrad Newsome scored on a 9-yard pass from sophomore quarterback Angell Gaona with 5:35 left in the opening quarter. Victor Morales scored the PAT to tie the game at 7-7.

Wharton gave Bay City quarterback Jamorrious Abbott (1-of-6 pass completions, 8 yards) fits as it kept pressure on him. He ran eight times for negative 10 yards rushing. Backup quarterback Joel Davalos ran twice for negative 5 yards.

Unfortunately, running back Ayden Smith had a field day as he rushed for 135 yards on seven carries. Teammate Jada Andrews added 92 yards on 18 carries. 

Andrews scored the game’s first points with a 39-yard run at the 7:53 mark of the first quarter. 

Wharton took its first lead of the season when it earned a safety off a bad punt snap that went into the end zone with 3:47 left before halftime.

Bay City on its opening drive of the second half took the lead back when Smith scored on a 22-yard run. The 14-9 lead mushroomed when he scored a 66-yard run in the fourth quarter with 3:39 left on the game clock.

Wharton’s Gaona had his best game of the season statistically as he was 14-of-25 in pass completions for 288 yards.

Newsome had a season high of 8 receptions for 269 yards. Ja’Korian Baldridge (1-14 yards) Carlton Scott (1-12 yards), and Raymond Hudson (2-5 yards) also had receptions for positive yardage.

Hudson had 14 rushes for 19 yards. 

Bay City improved its season record to 2-1.

Wharton fell to 0-3 on the year, and will play at Eddie Joseph Memorial Stadium for the first time in three weeks when the Tigers host the El Campo Ricebirds next Friday.

Matthew Watkins provided statistical information for this story.


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