Gridiron masking

After two months of summer workouts, the Boling Bulldogs are moving closer and closer to playing football again.

Since Monday, Aug. 3, the first official football practice of the season, the Bulldogs varsity and junior varsity teams have been working out in Boling in the summer afternoon heat slowly building to today’s milestone – full contact.

“It feels great (being back) to be honest with you,” Bulldogs senior Jastin Arbing said. “Yeah, it’s hot, but we’ve got to be glad to be out here.”

Boling athletes, like all the other football players throughout the state because of COVID-19, had concerns about even getting a chance to play this year. After baseball and other sports were canceled during spring break last school year, it’s been a long journey just to make it back to the practice field.

While football has come back it looks a little different with players wearing masks, some even fitting over their helmets and coaches telling players to spread out when they start to clump. Despite the new rules, athletes are happy to be back.

“It definitely (feels) like a normal routine the further and further we get,” Arbing said.

The first week of practice has been filled with learning. Along with positional work, both the offense and defense got work in later in the week. The offense ran plays on the practice field with a mix of run and pass plays. The defense worked on play recognition with the junior varsity offense giving it looks.

“We’ve got a bunch of new people (on varsity) because we lost a couple of seniors (through graduation),” Arbing said. “(We) can’t actually hit anybody right now, so we’ve been mostly learning, getting through our drills and footwork.”

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