In cancelling the 2020 Wharton Little League season due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the responsibility it would have taken the board, officials, players, coaches, and attendees to play games, the season has been cancelled.

The WLL had announced that there would be a season, but a few days later decided otherwise. In the wake of the cancellation, the WLL announced how it spends its money when fees are due at the beginning of the season.

The following is what Wharton Little League President Robert Vandagriff shared on the WLL Facebook page:

How are the Wharton Little League funds managed?

The following will be based on $100 average per player. Some players pay $85 during early registration.

1.) $12 per player goes towards charter fees and insurance fees.

2.) $30 per player goes towards uniforms. Uniforms include a shirt, hat, belt, and socks.

3.) $2 per player goes to the District Administration Fund. This is the District-18 fund, not the Wharton Little League fund.

4.) $12 per player goes towards umpire fees for a 12-game season. Contrary to popular belief, umpires are not volunteers.

5.) $20 per player goes towards equipment that the league provides, such as catchers’ gear, practice baseballs, tee stands, catchers’ mitts, etc.

7.) $2 per player goes towards field paint, chalk, cups, etc.

8.) $5 per player goes towards field maintenance. This includes gasoline for field equipment, as well as individual maintenance items such as bunker rakes, fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, etc. The Wharton Little League board maintains the grounds. Whenever vandalism or damages occur, the board handles the issue.

9.) That brings the total to $83 per player.

The $100 registration fee, less the $83 sum described above, leaves the league with $17 per player. With the number of players signed up this year, that equals $2,975. Out of that remainder of funds, the league must now plan and pay for “All Stars.”

All Stars costs the league $200 per team to enter the tournament. Wharton usually sends four teams to the tournament, equaling another $800 that comes out of the registration fees. The league must provide a box of baseballs to teams for All Stars, which is about $45 a dozen, or $180. The remaining balance of $1,995 goes towards the purchase of “All Star” uniforms.

The Wharton Little League Board does its absolute best to be firmly responsible with the registration funds. The goal is to keep the local league as inexpensive as possible. Compared to other leagues in the district, the Wharton Little League is by far the least expensive. If there are any questions or concerns, please attend a Wharton Little League board meeting. Any questions or concerns will happily be addressed during that time.

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