Wharton Tigers senior Donovan Krushall has committed to playing baseball at Prairie View A&M.

Krushall, along with being a life-long baseball player, was also a three-year starting quarterback for the Tigers’ football team. He had offers to continue his football career, but a chance to play D1 baseball was something he couldn’t pass up, he said.

“I love baseball as (much) as I ever loved football,” Krushall said. “The game of football actually helped me get in the door. People might ask how? The coach I’m going to go play for, he said the first thing he (saw) about me was how aggressive and how much of a dog I was on the football field. He knew I could contribute and bring that over to the baseball field.”

The Tigers, like every other baseball team in the state, did not complete their seasons do to the COVID-19 crisis. However, before the season ended, Krushall was having a dominant season. In 13 games played, based on stats provided by first-year coach Wade Mathis, he hit .500 to go with a .625 on-base percentage.

Committing to Prairie View A&M was personally significant to Krushall.

“When (this) opportunity is given to you, you take it. This is also my family legacy. (Krushalls) have went to Prairie View A&M since the 1930s, I had three great-aunts that graduated the nursing program and ever since then my family history (has been connected),” Krushall said.

His father and brother also went to Prairie View A&M to play baseball. Krushall didn’t get a chance to finish his senior season, but hopefully this time next year, he’ll be playing as a freshman at the next level.

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