The Wharton High School Tiger Stars had great success during Marching Auxiliaries Dance Camp at Blinn College in Brenham, June 20-23.  

The Tiger Stars were led by officers Captain Hayley Garcia, First Lt. Marisa Reyna and Second Lt. Myranda Duran. They were joined by 27 line members, Director Sheila Taylor, Assistant Director Carly Hinze and chaperones DeAnne Garcia and Reesa Zambrano in what was described as “intensive days” learning routines, leadership skills and team building to prepare for the 2019 football season. 

Eleven of the line members are new to the squad, and were selected by a panel of judges in January. This was the first time the new Tiger Stars competed.

The girls were up by 5:30 a.m. each morning practicing. In addition to learning five different routines, team members were required to perfect one of the routines to perform at the Grand Champion Contest on the last day. Taylor said the Tiger Stars averaged more than six miles a day walking from one class to another because of the spacious area that exists on the Blinn campus.

At the Grand Champion Contest the WHS officers performed a pom routine to the song, “303,” and received the championship trophy. The officers and the team members performed a Jazz routine to “Bad Guy” and received another Grand Champion trophy.

Individual ribbons were awarded throughout the camp for outstanding work from various classes. The officers Garcia, Reyna and Duran, and Solee Vargas, Mandy Tovar, Ally Semien, Cherish Evans, Cece Hearse and Ciara Farris were awarded White All-Star ribbons.  

The officers and Mandy Tovar also received Honor Roll medals which qualifies them with the opportunity to perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City and the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Fla.

Tiger Stars who received Teal Rising Star ribbons were Reyna, Tovar, Vargas, Semien, Hearse, Eryn Mendez, Alliyah Ramirez, Emily Vargas, Sara Filla, Torie Mitchell, Alaina Garcia, Lee Ann Galvan, Holly Mehaffie, Serenity Gonzales, Laynie Smolik, Kateria Knight, Ajnae Anderson and Kiara Estrada.

The Tiger Stars will take a short break this month and begin two-a-days on Wednesday, July 31  through Aug. 7 to prepare for the fall season. Taylor said the Tiger Stars look forward to entertaining the crowd at the new Wharton ISD stadium.  

This year will be the 34th year of the Tiger Stars Drill Team and Taylor said the girls are excited to have a new addition to their field uniform.  

“We invite everyone to come support all of the participating students of Wharton High School including the band, color guard, ROTC, cheerleaders and football players,” Taylor said. “You will not be disappointed.”


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