The University Interscholastic League released updated conference and division cutoff numbers and preliminary enrollment figures for the 2020-2022 reclassification and realignment on Tuesday, Dec. 10 updating previously released figures from a week before.

According to an email from the UIL, in “an effort to increase transparency and accuracy,” the UIL released conference and division cutoff numbers and preliminary enrollment figures last week. New information was brought forward updating numbers previously submitted by schools, which had caused conference cutoffs to be revised.

The updated conference cutoff numbers provide the range of enrollment for each of the six conferences, including divisional cutoffs for football.

Updated numbers in BOLD *(Previous numbers in parentheses)

Conference cutoffs

6A: 2220 and above 

245 schools:    245-Basketball; 245-Football; 243-Volleyball

5A: 1230–2219 (1210–2219)*                

255 schools:     254-Basketball; 253-Football; 255-Volleyball

4A: 515–1229 (515–1209)*                   

205 schools:    201-Basketball; 186-Football; 200-Volleyball

3A: 230–514                                             

235 schools:  235-Basketball; 211-Football; 222-Volleyball

2A: 105–229                                             

201 schools:     201-Basketball; 190-Football; 137-Volleyball

1A: 104.9 and below                                   

218 schools:   217-Basketball; 153-Football; 118-Volleyball


1–5A Football Division I and Division II Numbers

1A Division I: 59.5–104.9          77 schools

1A Division II: 59.4 and below  76 schools


2A Division I: 165.5–229      97 schools

2A Division II: 105–165.4 93 schools


3A Division I: 350–514                105 schools

3A Division II: 230–349               106 schools

4A Division I: 880–1229 (865–1209)*      93 schools

4A Division II: 515–879 (515–864)*         93 schools

5A Division I: 1922–2219 (1900–2219)*   128 schools

5A Division II: 1230–1921 (1210–1899)*  125 schools

Preliminary enrollments have also been released to increase transparency and provide for additional verification of enrollment figures. These figures were submitted by school districts based on enrollment on Oct. 25. Preliminary enrollment numbers can be found at

No numbers are considered final until the final alignments are released on Feb. 3, 2020.

The 2020-22 alignments will be released Feb. 3 for basketball, football and volleyball. District alignments for other activities will be released in the order of their seasons. More information about UIL alignments can be found at



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