For all the people in week five who had 11 or 12 right picks, my heart goes out to you, in a normal week, you’d be in the mix for a top spot. However, this week, with very few shockers, it was the favorites who prevailed.

The donk sound off the left crossbar in the final seconds of the Patriots and Buccaneers broke Bill Belichick’s heart and also mine. I mean, does Tom Brady have to win everything. He already has a supermodel wife and six Superbowl rings, I say God has given him enough, am I right?

The Cowboys’ performance this past week was pretty eye-opening. In the words of Roy Schulz of El Campo’s scorecard, “Da boys are back,” and he’s not wrong. In fact, I decided to give everyone in the contest this upcoming week a layup with the Giants and Cowboys game. Or did I?

The winning scorecard didn’t have 13 picks right in week five. This singular person had 14 correct. Brenda Thane of El Campo, come on down and collect your prize! Actually, stay where you are, we’ll send it to you in the mail. Thane came a Houston and Minnestoa pick away from perfection, oh so close.

In the contest this week, we had a massive five-way tie with 13 correct games. Richard Lormand, Jerry Williams, Gary Kemberling and Vic Petrash, of El Campo and David Mladenka of Katy, all slugged it out for the final two spots.

Louise and Agua Dulce combined to score 44 total points, a number Mladenka hit square, locking down second place.

Petrash came in third place with a guess of 48 points. He was hoping for Louise to punch the ball in once more and they came close to doing so. With under a minute left in the game, Louise was on the five yard-line but chose to kneel and end the game.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest this week.

If you are reading these words, thanks for picking up a paper, or reading online.

You too can enter the contest, just make sure your scorecard is in by quitting time on Friday. Good luck.

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