The highest any of the Wharton Tiger Sharks swimmers placed in a highly competitive swim meet in Rosenberg last month was eighth place.

Still, they performed admirably at the Coastal Cities Aquatic Association Championship Meet held at Lamar Consolidated ISD Natatorium on Saturday, June 29.

Among the eighth-place finishers were Kendall Kocian in the girls’ 9-10 year old division. She finished with a time of 42.85 in the 50-yard freestyle. Preston Roberts (boys 9-10 year olds) finished with a time of 36.03 in the 25-yard breaststroke and Preston Johnson (boys 7-8 year olds) with a time of 24.88 in the 25-yard freestyle.

Johnson was ninth in each of the 50-yard freestyle (56.97 time) and 25-yard backstroke (33.15 time) events.

The following are results of the other swimmers:

• Event 13 Girls 8 and Under 50-yard Freestyle: Odom, Isabella 13th place 52.05;

• Event 16 Boys 9-10 50-yard Freestyle: Roberts, Preston 11th place 42.88, Armstrong, Kaden 14th Place 44.95; 

• Event 22 Mens 15-18 100-yard Freestyle: Kocian, Damian 12th Place 41.69; 

• Event 31 Girls 7-8 25-yard Backstroke: Odom, Isabella 18th place 32.33; 

• Event 34 Boys 9-10 25-yard Backstroke:  Armstrong, Kaden 14th place 27.61; 

• Event 40 Mens 15-18 50-yard Backstroke:. Kocian, Damian 11th place 46.22;

• Event 49 Girls 9-10 25-yard Breaststroke: Kocian, Kendall 12th place 32.80; 

• Event 83 Girls 9-10 25-yard Freestyle: Kocian, Kendall 10th place 19.94;

• Event 84 Boys 9-10 25-yard Freestyle: Roberts, Preston 11th place 18.58, Armstrong, Kaden 19th place 19.94;

• Event 90 Mens 15-18 50-yard Freestyle: Kocian, Damian 19th place 34.68.

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