Infield play

Photo by Michael Morgan

Boling and Wharton competed against each other during their pre-district schedule.

Wharton baseball coach Wade Mathis reported the following information about their games against the Boling Bulldogs played Tuesday, Feb. 18.

The Wharton JV team won its game 4-1.

"The Tigers played hard every pitch and it paid off in the end," he said.

The varsity team lost 7-2.

Mathis said Boling has a very fundamentally strong team in all areas. He said the Bulldogs are very well coached and have a bright future.

"We as a team need to come together and stay motivated to win every inning against a good team like that," he said. "I blame myself for not having them prepared to do so." 

In WHS's first scrimmage against Van Vleck played Monday, Feb. 10, he was impressed with the play of the Tigers. Varsity won 3-2, JV 7-2.

"All of the guys have been working very hard in the offseason leading up to the scrimmages and I truly believe it is paying off already. We have unselfish players who are stepping up in a big way and the young guys are proving impressive," he said. "Very proud of the young men so far but we are far from satisfied. You can tell as far as playing the game we are a little rusty. We hope to wake up the bats in the next scrimmage."

 WHS plays at East Bernard next Tuesday, Feb. 24. JV plays at 4 p.m., varsity at 7 p.m.


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