With the track season now starting, schools from across the area went to El Campo to compete in the Ricebird Relays this past weekend. 

Wharton got to compete against, not only other Class 4A schools, but athletes even had 5A competition. 

The boys and girls WHS teams took home six first-place finishes, with two coming from senior Jashawn Nickerson. 

Wharton boys and girls teams both finished in fifth place.

Following Spring Break, Wharton track will have two final meets before heading to the district meet.


100-Meter Dash

1st) Victoria West (11.21)

2nd) Joerell Davis - Wharton (11.28)

5th) Stevie Roberts - Wharton (11.59)

6th) Rance Thornton - El Campo (11.68)

200-Meter Dash

1st) Jashawn Nickerson - Wharton (21.99)

3rd) Tanner Baggett - East Bernard (23.55)

6th) Chandler Ford - Wharton (23.87)

400-Meter Dash

1st) Kameron Matthews - East Bernard (53.76)

5th) Chandler Ford - Wharton (55.19)

6th) Stevie Roberts - Wharton (56.10)

4x100-Meter Relay

1st) Jerome Sanford, Kyler Jackson, Roland Gentry and Jashawn Nickerson - Wharton (43.24)

2nd) Rance Thornton, Rueben Owens, Dekoreyous Ward and Charles Shorter - El Campo (43.47)

5th) Devin Chapman, Braydon Lemos, Andrew Dirba and Tanner Baggett - East Bernard (44.62)

4x200-Meter Relay

1st) Jerome Sanford, Kyler Jackson, Roland Gentry and Jashawn Nickerson - Wharton (1:30.46)

2nd) Paul Osore, Cullen Braden, Rueben Owens and Dekoreyous Ward - El Campo (1:31.80)

4th) Braydon Lemos, Tanner Baggett, Reagan Whitley and Andrew Dirba - East Bernard (1:32.96)

Long Jump

1st) Jashawn Nickerson - Wharton (22’-11")

2nd) Joerell Davis - Wharton (21’-5")

3rd) Charles Shorter - El Campo (21’-1")

5th) Paul Osore - El Campo (19’-9 1/2")

Shot Put

1st) Kerry North - El Campo (45’-5")

2nd) Albernie North - El Campo (44’-11")

4th) Casen Ivy - East Bernard (40’-11 1/2")

5th) Raul Tavarez - East Bernard (38’-6")

6th) JaQuarian Hopkins - Wharton (37’-8 1/4")


100-Meter Dash

1st) Victoria West (12.40)

2nd) Jackie Nichols - El Campo (12.58)

3rd) Courtney Coleman - Wharton (12.60)

4th) Macayla Jackson - Wharton (12.68)

5th) Keatan Fortenberry - East Bernard (12.74)

200-Meter Dash

1st) Macayla Jackson - Wharton (26.78)

2nd) Ataya Watkins - Wharton (26.84)

5th) Kylie Schoeneberg - El Campo (27.72)

6th) Ja'Kaela Higgins - El Campo (27.97)

400-Meter Dash

1st) Victoria East (1:03.65)

3rd) Kaylie Goad - Wharton (1:03.97)

4th) Ella Grymes - East Bernard (1:05.52)

6th) Madison Crist - East Bernard (1:07.05)

4x100-Meter Relay

1st) Maddy Rod, Jackie Nichols, Kylie Schoeneberg and Ja'Kaela Higgins - El Campo (50.87)

2nd) Kynlee Hall, Zoey Talas, Camryn Whitley and Keatan Fortenberry - East Bernard (51.11)

3rd) Ataya Watkins, Courtney Coleman, Kaylie Goad and Macayla Jackson - Wharton (51.15)

Long Jump

1st) Jackie Nichols - El Campo (18’-5")

2nd) Keatan Fortenberry - East Bernard (17’-9 1/2")

4th) Courtney Coleman - Wharton (15’-11 1/2").

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