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Photo by Michael Morgan

The Wharton Runnin Tigers’ James Jones is covered by a Fulshear Chargers defender during the team’s home game that resulted in a loss on Friday, Jan. 17.

The Wharton Runnin’ Tigers suffered their first blowout loss of the season at home, falling to the Fulshear Chargers 77-49, last Friday, Jan 17. 

Against a top 20 ranked team in the state, the Runnin’ Tigers needed to be at their best to have a chance. Going into the game, Wharton was without its starting point guard and was behind the eight-ball from the start down by double-digits after the first quarter.

Things did not get easier for the Runnin’ Tigers as the Chargers continued to add to their lead and WHS went into halftime trailing 38-20. 

"They're a good team and they are ranked 18 in the state for a reason," Wharton coach Calvin King said. "They're going to be tough to beat on any night, but I think we gave them a lot of stuff towards the end. We start launching and panicking a little bit instead of running our offense."

The Runnin’ Tigers out of the half got a boost from James Jones and Joerell Davis, who combined to score 15 of Wharton's 20 third-quarter points. However, the defense couldn't slow the Chargers and bumped their lead up to 20 points and they continued to pour in points the rest of the way.

"I don't think the score is as telling as probably what these two teams will be later on," King said. "If we play our game that we've been playing all year, we can play with that team, but they're always going to be tough."

While this was a big loss, it was only the Runnin’ Tigers third on the season, with the first two coming at the buzzer. Wharton is currently tied with Needville at 2-2 in the District 24-4A for third and fourth place.

The Runnin’ Tigers are on the road Friday when they play the Needville Bluejays. If the Runnin’ Tigers win, they will have the tie-breaker over Needville. 

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