Dear editor,

The Trump administration had the strongest economy in American history before the China Wuhan virus hit. Trump had been telling America to not trust China, to bring back manufacturing from China and get a better trade deal with China for years. In my opinion China and some Dems intentionally released this virus on America. Despite years of the Democratic Party’s lies about Russian collusion and then the failed Mueller probe, the Ukraine hoax and then a failed impeachment scam; America under President Trump’s leadership was doing great again. But then came the China “kung-flu.”

I could go on for days, but here are just a few of the Obama-Joe Biden administration era accomplishments 1) America $9 trillion more in debt  2) Racial division was at an all-time high 3) Allowed the China economy to overtake America 4) Failure to secure the border 5) Obama had the IRS target his enemies 6) The disaster called “Obamacare” and sky-rocketing health-care cost 7) Benghazi cover-up 8) Said ISIS was no threat and called them the “junior varsity” 9) The “fast and furious” gun scandal 10) Spying on the Trump campaign and framing Gen. Michael Flynn.

Now Presidential candidate Joe Biden along with some Hollywood actors are actually helping to bail the violent protest rioters out of jail. Insanity! The Dems also want to release all criminals because of the virus and have no more prisons. Because of the virus they want everyone to wear a mask, so I suggest give all the prisoners a mask and leave them in jail.

Many Democrats are actually calling for the elimination of all police forces. Only weeks ago these same Democrats wanted the police to arrest business owners for trying to open their stores, arrest Americans for attending church and not allow gatherings of large numbers. You weren’t allowed to attend an AA meeting, but they kept liquor stores open.

But now these same Democratic leaders are allowing violent rioters to burn down these stores and assault people for trying to protect their own property. The Democratic mayor of Washington D.C. actually had graffiti painted on the street in front of the White House.

The next election you need to decide what kind of America you want and what kind of people you want to guide it. Remember, you have to live with your decision.

Earl Yackel,

Wharton County

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