Last week’s question:

Which team do you think will win the District 25-3A football title this season?

Here are the final results:

Bellville Brahmas: 4.1 percent

El Campo Ricebirds: 47.9 percent

Sealy Tigers: 2.7 percent

Wharton Tigers: 43.8 percent

Columbus Cardinals, Needville Blue Jays and Royal Falcons did not receive any votes.

This week’s question:

What should be done with the historic bridge on Business 59 over the Colorado River?

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Although the trestle bridge is historic by it's nature, there are many like it with in the state of Texas. Columbus has one as does Hwy. 59 near Cleveland, and Jefferson. There are many of these bridges that were constructed in that time period. To preserve this one as a walking bridge would not be prudent. Where would the walking trail go? We already have a walking trail that is in need of better upkeep. Though these trails and sites are nice to have they place an enormous drain on the tax base in the form of upkeep. That bridge would need to be painted every few years as well as cleaned of trash and debris. When there is another flood, then it would need to be re- inspected. I feel that our money would be better spent repairing the streets and roads, and our aging infrastructure. No on will visit the bridge if you have to damage your car on rough roads to get to it. Wharton is a wonderful town, but our streets and utilities need a lot of work. The bridge is nice but we must spend our money wisely.

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