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Dear editor,

Did you ever think newspaper reporting could truly make a difference in your life?

I’m like most everybody else, I get my daily fix from social media of what’s happening now and who’s bashing the President. I still subscribe online to a couple of local papers somewhat out of nostalgia. I grew up reading the daily paper just like my Mom and Dad.

Until Saturday when my little world went sideways. I get a text, “Hey, have you seen the paper in the neighboring county?”

So, I drive several miles, punched a few quarters in the box and found out their local paper had a headline about a massive railroad project potentially coming right at my front door. Without our input. They couldn’t get past the public uproar in their neck of the woods so now they’re trying to sneak a route through our quiet little county.

That professionally written story with facts and quotes got the ball rolling. Social media started spreading opinions like wildfire. Emails and texts are flying. Officials being surprised because the other county hadn’t told them their plans.  A key meeting is now  being attended to express our concerns.  

And to my relief, two local newspapers each sent a reporter to the key meeting to keep us factually informed on what’s really important.

I kicked myself on the way home from the meeting. I meant to ask both the reporters if they were wearing a red shirt with a big S and a cape under their shirts.  Do yourself a favor, subscribe to your local newspapers today.  

Louis Peter,

Cedar Lane

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