Dear editor,

I was part of the standing room only crowd several weeks ago that attended the meeting of the Wharton County Commissioners Court on the proposed construction of the Colorado River levee.

In my opinion the Wharton County residents and property owners west of the city of Wharton and the residents of Glen Flora are being thrown under the bus by this project.

The only people attending in favor of this levee were the people in charge of its construction. 

It was pointed out by myself and several others that numerous huge horseshoe bends are in the river between Wharton and Columbus. It was suggested that these bends in the river be straightened out so as not to  restrict the flow of the water during floods. The river always breaks over its bank at these horseshoe bends. It was also suggested that the river be dredged out to deepen it to also help with flow. Since Peach Creek caused significant damage during Harvey, it was also suggested that it be cleaned.

All these suggestions were turned down stating they were too expensive. But they are ready to spend $70 million on the levee.

In my opinion this levee is nothing more than a giant funnel. And when you pour too much liquid too quickly into a funnel it overflows.

Some property owners will not even be allowed access to their property if it lies between the levee and the river. 

In my opinion the damage this levee will do to residents of Glen Flora and county property owners and taxpayers far outweigh the good it will provide for the city of Wharton. I think there are better solutions than this levee.

Earl Yackel,

Wharton County


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