‘Welcome to Boling’ sign

Dear editor,

I had intended to send this letter off some time ago, so I do apologize for it being late. I just wanted to take the time to thank those responsible for making the new “Welcome to Boling” sign that was put up a few months ago. They have done a wonderful job. The old sign had really seen better days as it had been there for quite some time. The new sign, the flowers and the new flags look great and the lights that shine on it at night are a nice touch. Just want to let them know your hard work has not gone unnoticed. It has really made a difference.  Thanks for taking the time to make such an impressive improvement.

Brett Glenn,

Wharton County

If it’s American made ...

Dear editor,

Shopping for just about anything takes me longer today than prior years, not so much as I am old, but rather I do not want to send my money to China. This makes me pick up items to see where the product is made – not who distributes the product. 

If it says “China” then I put it back and look for a different brand or just do without for most items. If they start producing toilet paper in China then I’ll have a dilemma on my hands. 

I am very careful as to what I buy for my little long haired Dachshund Ringo; as any pet owner will tell you, pets eat better than their owners. First I look for the American flag on the package; if no flag and it looks like a treat I think Mr Precious would like I read the back, sides and front for the telltale “made in.” Just when you think you have seen every country listed as the source this one made me do a double take. H-E-B product Heritage Ranch Mobility treats with salmon, seaweed & turmeric is made in Ireland and does not contain corn, wheat or soy. Love It!  

Merle R. Hudgins,

Wharton County

‘You just can’t fix stupid’

Dear editor,

Is there a Democratic Party supporter out there that can honestly and truthfully answer a few questions about current events in America? 

Who is really in charge of our country because it’s certainly not President Biden or Vice-President Harris? 

Why did Biden leave thousands of American citizens and allies behind in Afghanistan? Why did we give $90 billion worth of the taxpayers’ military equipment to the Taliban terrorist group? Does Biden have a plan to get these people out of Afghanistan?

Why are the Democrats forcing vaccine mandates on American citizens but allowing millions of illegal aliens to enter our country without even being checked for COVID-19 or being vaccinated? Why are nurses, doctors, firefighters, policemen and everyday workers being fired for refusing to take an experimental vaccine that they don’t want or need? Weren’t these same people heroes a year ago during the peak of the pandemic?

Why is the Biden administration wanting parents who attend school board meetings classified as domestic terrorists, according to some news reports? Don’t parents have the right to have a say in what their kids are being taught? Why do Democrats want reading, writing and racism to be the subjects for our schools? In my opinion kids should be taught how to think not what to think!

Why do the Democrats want to pay illegal aliens taxpayer money for entering our country illegally? Approximately two million have entered illegally in 2021.

When America has been the most powerful, prosperous and free country on the planet for nearly 250 years, why do Democrats want to make it a socialist country?

Why is Biden refusing to finish the wall at America’s southern border, but spending taxpayer money to build a wall around his own home?

Why do banks have to report deposits of $600 by everyday Americans to the IRS?

Why does Biden want to tax Americans for how many miles they drive their cars each year?

Why do Dems want to defund the police, then take guns away from American citizens so they can’t defend themselves from the criminal Democrats are releasing from jail?

I have one comment for Democrats. You can get surgery to change any part of your body you don’t like, you can get glasses for your vision, medicines that cure numerous illnesses, go to the internet for unlimited information, but you just can’t fix stupid! 

Earl Yackel,

Wharton County

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