The Wharton Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture and the Wharton Economic Development Corporation (WEDCO) are sponsoring a Business Breakfast at Milam Street Coffee Shop Java & Junque on Thursday, June 26 beginning at 7:30 p.m.

The topic will be an update on the Wharton Independent School District’s construction projects with Wharton ISD Assistant Superintendent Randy Meyer and Wharton ISD Construction Manager Mike Lanier expected to talk and answer questions from those who attend.

WISD Superintendent Tina Herrington is knowledgeable on some areas of the projects, but said Meyer and Lanier know more of the small details and will be able to answer any questions residents have for them.

In fact, Herrington was at a regular Wharton City Council meeting on Monday, July 22 to speak on an action item.

 Wharton elected officials deliberated with Herrington on WISD’s request for the abandonment of Old Boling Road from Alabama to John Knox Street and a section of North Abell Street from East Ahldag Street to East Belle Avenue.

One of these affects Tiger Field where the Baseball/Softball Complex will one day be located.

The Wharton City Council voted to abandon these two section of streets by a 3-2 vote. Councilmen Clifford Jackson, Steven Schneider and Russell Machann voted for it. Councilmen Don Mueller and Terry Freese voted against it, and made their stance known when they spoke to Herrington on the closures.

Councilwoman Alice Heard-Roberts was not present during the meeting.

Earlier in the day during a WEDCO board meeting, Herrington said she anticipates construction beginning on the baseball park in August.

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