No charge COVID-19 mobile testing for Wharton County will be held on Thursday, May 7 at the Wharton Civic Center.

Citizens in Wharton County can now register for a no charge COVID-19 mobile test appointment. 

The mobile testing is a joint collaboration between DSHS (Texas Department of State Health Services), TDEM (Texas Division of Emergency Management), TMD (Texas Military Department), TX EMTF (Texas Emergency Medical Task Force) and The RACs (HIPP Providers).

The number for the registration call center is 512-883-2400, or you may visit to register via smartphone or any computer.

To be eligible for testing, you must have one or more symptoms of COVID-19.

Symptoms include: Fever and /or chills; Fatigue; Shortness of breath; Headaches; Nasal congestion; Loss of taste and /or smell; Cough (dry or productive); Body aches /muscle or joint pain; Sore throat; Nausea /vomiting /diarrhea. 

The testing is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Wharton Civic Center, 1924 North Fulton, in Wharton.

If you do it online, it will ask you if you agree to receive text messages from the COVID-19 Test Registration System. If you click no, it will direct you to the phone number that was listed with this news release.

Once you agree to receiving the text messages and are on the website, you will be asked to provide personal information. It will be the second of pages you will be required to fill out.  

COVID-19 count in WC

Wharton County Office of Emergency Management has received a report May 4 from the Texas Department of State Health Services that WC had two new positive case of COVID-19, who are a child and mother of a known active case who are under quarantine in the East Bernard area. 

Three new recoveries were also reported. The total who have tested positive for COVID-19 is now 41 in Wharton County and the OEM has had 25 reported cases who have recovered. 

Wharton County now has 16 active COVID-19 cases.

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