It’s unknown if a presentation by Andrew Johnston regarding the Wharton Levee Project will attract a standing room only audience when the Wharton County Commissioners Court discuss this item during their Monday, Oct. 28 regular meeting.

It’s the first item on the agenda and it’s an item that the county announced weeks in advance, a move that rarely happens with County Judge Phillip Spenrath.

He once again reminded county residents when the court met two weeks ago about how the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will affect this project, and perhaps alleviate concerns.

It is one of 10 items that commissioners will discuss before they get to consent agenda.

This meeting will be heavy items regarding the current special election that involves 10 Texas constitutional amendments.

Locally, they include use of the Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 Building, an order appointing election judges and alternates from Oct. 28 through Aug. 31, 2020, action to have early voting in East Bernard for all elections beginning in 2020. At present, East Bernard residents can only cast ballots for early voting in Wharton and El Campo.

There is another item to purchase a DS200 scanner for approximately $6,400 for the Elections Department headed by Cindy Richter.

Commissioners will also discuss a flat rate/fixed fee contract for precinct redistricting, updated aerial imagery for the county, and bids for replacing carpet in the courthouse annex building where 9:30 a.m. commissioner meetings are held and various county offices are located in Wharton.





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