It’s official. Four new chamber board members have been elected.

They are Debbie Folks, Kristi Kocian, Sandra Kachmar, and Steve Wiskieski. Terms will begin Oct. 1.

Retiring from the board are Kaytee Cenko, Jacob Roberson, Stacie Hoyt Stavinoha, and Cody Sweat. Michael Limas is ending a two-year term as board chair. He will now serve on the chamber’s advisory board.

Carry-over board members are Lacy Border, Debra Evans, Chad Faucett, Traci Knight, Richard Lockley, Laura Reyna,  Darve Smith, and David Tripulas.

Thank you for serving your chamber and your community! It’s a team sport!

Google reviews

We are convinced Google Reviews help build business activity. This convincing came from the smarts and persuasiveness of board member Jacob Roberson and all-around marketing and social media guru Amy Morales. Do you agree? Do you leave Google reviews? Would you like to try? It’s easy. More on this later.


Do you think ghosts are real? If so, perhaps you would be interested in hearing ghost stories and being in on ghost investigations. We are putting the finishing touches on, perhaps, offering tours and such. Let me know! Offer your comments! ( More on this later.

Crosswalk murals

Before the collapse from Covid-19, we were discussing creating crosswalk art. It’s like a mural, but it is on a crosswalk. We met with city manager Andres Garza Jr., way back then, which produced enthusiasm and gave great guidance to develop the plan further. 

Victoria Heffner, from the chamber staff, is heading that up our end. She is about to complete a Powerpoint presentation on the types of materials and how it is done in other cities. So we hope it will take traction when the world figures out a new normal. Are you interested? ( We also have had lots of discussions over the years for a pavilion at Guffey Park, more activities there, and more food trucks, and we feel great that great things are coming about. More on this later.


We are dreaming of Wharton having bike lanes, long discussed, and organized bike rides. We see renewed interest. Are you interested? ( More on this later.

Christmas Holiday Parade

We are moving forward for Tuesday, Nov. 24 we will announce the theme and parade marshal in the early part of October, as well as publishing the entry forms and vendor forms. For vendors, we likely will limit the number of them this year, so first come first served. More on this later.

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