Charlie Jackson has launched a campaign for Congress in Texas’ 27th District to bring what he said is “common sense and practicality back to the marble halls of Washington.” 

In a press release, Jackson, a Democrat, said he hopes to unseat one-term incumbent and Republican Michael Cloud in November. 

In his travels across district, Jackson, 60, said he has found that people are looking for leadership that will break congressional gridlock to focus on issues need immediate attention by Washington: Ensuring that all Texans share in economic growth, have access to healthcare, good education, can withstand the impacts of climate change, and have hope for the future. He said he is also critical of the Trump administration for tax policies that give hundreds of billions of dollars to big business and Wall Street investors while leaving small business and workers to pick up the tab. 

A Corpus Christi businessman with interest around the state, Jackson said he has been a leader in economic development and industry and understands the challenges of small business and working people. 

“I have the experience and temperament to work with my fellow members of Congress to find practical solutions to issues that affect real people,” he said.

As an undergraduate, he clerked on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, then went on to earn a degree in government. He also worked closely with the Texas congressional delegation and the Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future. As a civic leader and activist, he travels frequently to Washington to address legislation and issues of interest. 

Jackson is a seventh-generation Texan, who grew up in Victoria, before moving to Baytown where he graduated high school.

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