Since Rusty Graves will continue to oversee the Wharton County Drainage Department following his appointment as Precinct 2 commissioner, his opinion on a matter of purchasing a truck was heard during a Commissioners Court meeting on Monday, Aug. 12.

It was his first action in his capacity as an appointed commissioner during a regular meeting.

The court unanimously approved to accept two bids and award a truck tractor for the drainage department, which he has headed since its creation in 2012.

During the meeting, County Auditor Barbara Starling said two bids were turned into the county for elected officials to consider. They were Rush Truck Center with a bid of $80,251.72 and SelecTrucks of Houston with a bid of $52,950.

The two Houston-based companies turned in their bids last month, but the Commissioners Court went with the highest offer because of the disparity in truck size that was offered in the bid to use for the drainage department.

However, following legal advice from County Attorney Trey Maffett, the county will be reaching out to SelecTrucks of Houston to give it an opportunity to respond.

“I know there is a substantial difference but when you compare the two trucks, the Selectrucks bid is much less,” Graves said during the meeting.

He considered the gross vehicle weight of 80,000 pounds and determined that Rush Truck Center offered a vehicle that was capable of carrying a heavier load. SelecTrucks of Houston offered a truck that had a weight limit of 52,000 pounds.

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