Although several members of the community have voiced their concerns or perhaps what some might consider disapproval about Hopper Elementary School’s future, and the facts that have been brought forward about it being considered historical, the decision is ultimately up to the Board of Trustees of the Wharton Independent School District. 

Their last meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 28, they heard from resident Ken Dimmick about the matter. He handed a dated photo that was introduced earlier this month by Wharton County’s official historian Merle Hudgins, who is a member of the newly-formed Wharton County Heritage Partnership (WCHP). Dimmick is the WCHC’s president and gave each trustee a photo of what he said appears to be from the 1940s when Hopper was named Stephen F. Austin Elementary School. A photo of the same image, which was published in the Journal-Spectator’s front page of a Jan. 25 edition, was passed around among dozens of people who were in attendance, many of them WISD staff and school administrators.

Last month during a Dec. 17 regular meeting of the board, there was no action taken on the Hopper ES matter as it relates to the General Land Office.

Linda Lins, who is the secretary for Wharton ISD Superintendent Tina Herrington, said the elementary school would be an item to be discussed during a board workshop. Trustees will discuss and receive information regarding the GLO housing project. 

The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m. inside the WISD Administration Building, 2100 North Fulton.

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