Pastor and family

Caney Creek Church has a new pastor. 

David Clapp, 51, has joined the church. According to Clapp, he and his family have been at Caney Creek Church for two weeks and are still getting settled. 

“I really like Wharton. I’m glad to go wherever God takes me, but I like Wharton,” Clapp said. “I’m still exploring on my bicycle in the morning, and it’s been great. The church people have been warm and friendly and receptive.” 

Clapp has worked in ministry for 13 years. Clapp grew up in Terre Haute, Indiana, and studied at Indiana State University. Clapp attended Dallas Theological Seminary to study to become a pastor, he said. Before coming to Wharton, Clapp was a preacher in Madisonville. Now he is happy to be at Caney Creek Church where he said God has sent him. 

“The thing about Caney Creek that I want people to know is that there’s great music and people really love one another,” Clapp said. “People here are also really accepting of all races, so we are ready to do what the Lord has for us to do.”

Clapp also enjoys the distinct feel that Caney Creek Church has, he said. 

“I like the unique feel of Caney Creek because it’s right here in downtown,” Clapp said. “I really like the ambiance I guess since it was an old public five and dime store at one time. There’s a redeeming factor that it was once a tavern but it’s been redeemed for the Lord’s work.”

Clapp moved to Wharton with his wife, Amy, and two of his three children, Christian and Heaven, he said. His third daughter, Hannah, is currently in Indiana caring for her sick grandfather. 

“My family and I, we are getting pretty well adjusted,” Clapp said. “My children are still getting used to the change but they’re warming up to the people here at the church and the school. My wife likes it here too. She likes it at the church.” 

Clapp welcomes all of the community to come to Caney Creek Church on Sunday, he said. 

Sunday School at Caney Creek Church begins at 9:30 a.m. Sunday worship services begin at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday. 

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