Interim Superintendent Randy Meyer notified the Board of Trustees with the Wharton Independent School District during a meeting earlier this week of his intent to resign.

Meyer, who was Wharton ISD’s deputy superintendent, took over as interim superintendent after Tina Herrington’s contract was terminated by the board through a 4-3 vote in March.

According to WISD, Herrington’s contract was from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022.

Meyer said he would resign at the end of his current contract year. He will remain with Wharton ISD until the end of June.

Meyer has been in education for nearly three decades, but 2020 is like nothing he has ever seen in this time of the coronavirus crisis. He and other WISD administrators were forced to close school due to executive orders handed down by Gov. Greg Abbott.

“Before March 6, I would have said Hurricane Harvey and the $3 million in damages to our facilities was my greatest challenge. However, COVID-19 is by far the most challenging experience I have seen in my 27-year career,” Meyer said. “I have been so impressed with the number of staff who were looking for ways to make this experience better for kids.  Today, we have moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings who have become honorary teachers.”

Meyer splits his WISD duties with the finances and human resources departments. 

Those who work with WISD will continue to work with Meyer until he gains his new position as chief financial officer with Bloomington ISD on July 1.

At their Monday, April 27 meeting, Wharton ISD trustees were told Meyer would continue his interim superintendent role until the next superintendent is named and hired. Meyer said he did not apply for the Wharton ISD superintendent vacancy.

The candidates for the Wharton ISD superintendent vacancy have until May 8 to submit their application packets.  The law firm of Walsh Gallegos is conducting the search.  

A classroom teacher

Meyer started his career in Gonzales in 1993. He has served in many capacities from being a classroom teacher to being assistant principal, to being principal, and superintendent. He came to Wharton in January 2016 to serve as deputy superintendent for Operations and Human Resources. Although he has been in Wharton a relatively short time, he has seen one disaster after another, including several floods and the current COVID-19 crisis.

Meyer has faced other challenges as well. 

“Since joining the district, our HR department has evolved to become more effective and efficient in supporting our personnel,” said Meyer. “In 2017, we moved to a new software platform for the Business and HR departments.” 

He said WISD’s business and HR staff were responsible for the bulk of the workload of the conversion.  

“Today, they utilize the new software as if they have been using it for many years,” said Meyer. He credits them with being the best around. He also helped prioritize repairs for facilities and bus maintenance throughout the district. 

“One of my responsibilities is to oversee every single cent of the bond funds. Today, I am very pleased to stand by our efforts to bring in all of our projects to completion within our $59 million budget,” said Meyer. 

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