Just Do It Now

Staff photo by Albert Villegas

Debris in back of the Just Do it Now building sits following the demolition of other buildings earlier this year that had not been in use for years before.

The Wharton City council will have its first regular meeting of the month on Monday, Aug. 12 at Wharton City Hall. The meeting begins at 7 p.m.

Among some of the items that will be discussed are a request from Just Do It Now (JDIN) for city assistance in removing debris left from the demolition at the former Dawson Elementary School.

The request was made from James Perez, executive director of Just Do It Now. This is an item that was discussed by the Public Works Committee at its July 22 meeting. The committee voted to recommend this item to the council for consideration and approval. The committee, which is made up of councilmen Terry Freese, Don Mueller and Clifford Jackson, recommended the city allocate a dozen 40 cubic yard roll off boxes from its allocation from WCA to assist.

In a letter dated July 17, Perez wrote to the City of Wharton regarding the matter.

“JDIN is currently in the demolition phase of building a brand new campus facility. We have demolished each of the buildings that we planned to remove from our campus in order to prepare for new construction,” he said. “However, due to circumstance beyond our control, we are in need of urgent assistance to remove two large debris piles that sit on the concrete slabs at our facility. We have initiated a capital campaign and we are working hard to raise funds, as we await responses from grant applications.”  

According to Perez’s letter, JDIN serves hundreds of Wharton families and children.

The council will also review and consider other unrelated items.

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