A Wharton County jury found David Samuel Flores guilty of the first-degree felony offense of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a family member following a trial on Wednesday, July 24.

Now that the guilty verdict is known, Flores now faces a range of punishment from five years to life in prison, according to the office of Wharton County District Attorney Dawn Allison. In a press release, she said the defendant elected to have the judge assess punishment, which is scheduled Tuesday, Sept. 3. 

Flores will remain in custody until that time. 

According to the El Campo Police Department, Flores was involved in an early morning disturbance and possible stabbing on Nov. 8, 2018.

Once El Campo EMS arrived on the scene, located the victim, who happened to be Flores’ wife, first responders began treating her stab wound. EMS then transported the victim to the OakBend Trauma Center where she underwent emergency surgery and a 10-day hospitalization.

Allison applauded quick-thinking EMS personnel saying without their experience, judgment and decisiveness, the victim may not be alive today.

ECPD investigators later learned that, after stabbing his wife in the stomach, Flores fled the scene. Flores was apprehended three hours later, but a weapon was never found.

Following the trial, Allison expressed admiration and respect for the victim.

“Her courage to confront the person who both married and maimed her. Without her testimony, we could not have gotten the victim the justice she deserved or held this man responsible,” Allison said. Allison went on to thank the jurors who heard this case for what she said took patience, time, and careful consideration of evidence. 

“Their participation was essential to the resolution of this matter and they should be proud of their decision,” she said.

Assistant District Attorney Bryan Honeycutt joined Allison in prosecuting Flores in 23rd District Court, with the Honorable Ben Hardin presiding. Attorney Mark Racer represented Flores.  

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