“Positive” was the way Wharton County Judge Phillip Spenrath described the latest sales tax report provided to him and elected officials during a Commissioners Court meeting on Monday, Dec. 14.

He said it is likely the report is from November sales total since December is not done yet.

The information he relayed to other elected officials during the regular meeting was verified by the Texas Comptroller’s Office headed by Glenn Hagar.

For the year, WC is up 3.73 percent year to date. 

WC last year reported $3,140,248 in sales tax and this year to date it us up to $3,257,478. “This is unbelievable in 2020,” Spenrath said.

He said each city was doing well, too, including East Bernard, El Campo, and Wharton. 

Spenrath said East Bernard was up just over 7 percent in sales tax. According to the state’s Comptroller’s Office, EB was up 7.17 percent from $501,334.99 last year to $537,306.29 this year.

El Campo reported a 6.94 percent increase in sales tax from $4.477 million to $4.788 million. 

Spenrath said Wharton was “breaking even.” According to the Comptroller’s Office, tax sales dropped just .29 percent in 2020. It went from $2.312 million a year ago to $2.305 this year.

“Usually the Christmas push is good for everyone, there are some positive things in 2020,” Spenrath said.

If you want to view sales tax reports by city or county, visit the following website: http://comptroller.texas.gov/transparency/local/allocations/sales-tax/

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