Community giveaway

Staff photo by Albert Villegas

A pizza giveaway at the Little Caesars location on Richmond Road is planned today. From left is Sam Narsi, Cody Sweat, Steven Roberts III, Steven Roberts, and Maria Leon.

A partnership has formed between several businesses and entities that will benefit the residents of the Wharton community come mid-week.

On Wednesday, May 6 beginning at 2 p.m., there will be 300 free pizzas given away at Little Caesars, located at 1422 North Richmond Road in Wharton. 

Event officials said this is being made possible through a partnership between Little Caesars, the Wharton County Recovery Team, Cody Sweat with State Farm, AJ Holdings, and Steven Roberts.

A long line is expected along Richmond Road that will allow a driver in each vehicle to be handed one pizza. The Wharton Police Department will provide security and traffic control during the event that could go on for more than an hour or until the last pizza is given away. Event officials discussed logistics with city officials and received approval from Police Chief Terry Lynch and City Manager Andres Garza to hold this event. 

“We are doing this to help our community during this COVID-19 recovery,” Roberts said. “We have to remember we are all in this together –  one city, one people.”

This will be the second time that Little Caesars has given back to Wharton, the last time in 2017 following the destruction from Hurricane Harvey.

“We have always taken the initiative to help and support, to be a part and help the community on any difficult challenge we face,” said Sam Narsi, supervisor with Little Caesars. “I remember at the time of Hurricane Harvey we brought a ‘Love Kitchen” that cooked pizzas and we served almost 1,000 plus slices with the coordination of the City of Wharton.”

Narsi said this is an unprecedented time in the U.S., and once again for the residents of Wharton.

“We all stand together and united and promise to make a difference in the community as much as we can do,” Narsi said.

Little Caesars is matching the 150 pizzas that were raised through this partnership, which comes out to 300 pizzas total.

That is a cost of $1,500 worth of pizzas that will be given back to the community.

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