The Wharton Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture (WCCC&A) refers to “destination events” as part of the reason for requesting $62,000 from the City of Wharton to support its operations.

This information was shared by Ron Sanders, who is the chamber executive director, in a letter dated June 3 to Andres Garza, Jr., who is Wharton’s city manager.

The amount is the same as what was requested by the WCCC&A in preparation for the city’s 2019-20 Fiscal year budget. Wharton’s elected leaders have until the end of September to decide how they will spend the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) funds. Several public hearings are planned before the council adopts a final budget next month.

The “destination events” are the Christmas Parade, Snow on the Square, Party Under the bridge, Citywide Garage Sale and the Texas Salsa Festival. Three of these events were held for the first time this year and last.

This was the lead information the WCCC&A officials presented to the city. However, there is more.

The chamber would also like to use new marketing material for tours (buses, groups and organizations), with the goal of more overnight stays. If overnight stays are part of a tour(s), the HOT funds then serve their purpose as it’s a collection of taxes that the city collects from lodging.

These two plans were among eight the WCCC&A had planned.

The others are as follows:

• new design and fresh content for the brochure to market the Wharton Civic Center, stressing private events, meetings and conferences;

• free printing with a new design the Texas Gulf Coast Antique Trail Guide;

• wide distribution of a new city map that will be published later this year;

• wide distribution of the Visitors and Newcomers Guide published each year;

• re-evaluating the chamber’s telling of Wharton’s story; and

• continuing to stress the chamber’s strong online presence with social media, constant contact, and its website:

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