Tina Herrington’s last meeting as superintendent of the Wharton Independent School District was on Monday, March 23. The Wharton ISD Board of Trustees voted on a meeting item that was listed as a proposed resignation and retirement agreement with the superintendent.

Through a 4-3 vote, the trustees ended a long working relationship with Herrington, who was hired in 2015 as superintendent.

Trustee Sherrell Speer made the motion and was seconded by Trustee Steven Roberts. In favor of the motion were trustees Chris Sparks and Dr. Cody Pohler. Trustees Christine Stransky, Rachel Rust, and Curtis Evans voted no.

Once the decision was made, Herrington stood and exited the room.

No comments were made during the meeting, but trustees did go into closed session before making their decision.

Trustees went into closed session again to discuss superintendent transition and interim superintendent.

Deputy Randy Meyer was named interim superintendent during the meeting.

The meeting was held amid the COVID-19 crisis. Social distancing was practiced during the meeting, with no more than 10 visitors in one room of the Wharton ISD Education Supper Center Building, and district and school administrators in other rooms. 

Among some of the other action items trustees approved were:

• to unanimously postpone the May 2 General Election to Nov. 3 uniform election date;

• accept (through a 4-3 vote) an offer from A2J Holdings to purchase Hopper Elementary School site. Trustees Stransky, Evans, Rust and Roberts voted for A2J. 

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