The City of Wharton released its fourth quarter newsletter on Monday, Sept. 30 and in it is information about the Flood Reduction (levee) Project through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

The city and its administration staff has continuously updated elected officials and the community on the project and the newsletter is no different as it mentions its work with HDR Engineering, Inc., which is the consultant the city council approved to hire.

HDR and city staff have been working with potentially affected property owners and residents about the real estate services, acquisition, and relocation process.

In one of the paragraphs the city shared it reads it is “important that individuals remain vigilant about securing their personal records and information.”

According to the newsletter, if a citizen is contacted by an individual or company that they are unfamiliar with, the city asks that the contact someone at city hall to verify their status as a “team member.”

The newsletter read that other consultants who are contacting potentially affected property owners and residents include June Lang Lasalle, Inc. and Hudgins-Groover. Real Estate, who are the appraisers for HDR. Civil Corp is performing surveys for HAD and New South Associates is performing survey work for the USACE.

Paula Favors, city secretary with the City of Wharton said to date, no residents have been scammed.

Citizen cooperation with the project team is important to make sure the project continues to move forward on schedule. The USACE have targeted the beginning of the summer of 2020 to begin work on Phase 1 of the levee project.


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