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The Wharton City Council during an August meeting had information provided to it regarding the water well and water plant project.

The following is information that was provided to the Wharton City Council during an August meeting. It is dated Aug. 17 from City Manager Andres Garza to the city council on the status of City of Wharton projects:


The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) Lower Colorado River Phase I Report - City of Wharton Flood Prevention Project and Recommended report is located at the Wharton County Library and the office of the city of Wharton city secretary for viewing or the report may be viewed on line at The Project Participation Agreement (PPA) has been executed. The city has begun the process to acquire the property necessary to construct the project. The city has hired HDR for right-of-way Acquisition and Jones & Carter for city and private company utility relocations. The city through HDR has begun the process of making offers to property owners.


1. Stavena Addition Drainage Project

The design and construction plans are complete. The challenge on this project is to find locations to place approximately 35,000 cubic yards of soil. The ideal disposal site should be close to the project site to reduce the cost of construction

2. Ahldag Ditch Improvement.

The project was approved by the city council. Public Works director is currently working out the details. The ditch improvements were proposed under the Texas General Land Office (GLO) Infrastructure Grant Program. The city is awaiting the approval of the grant request.

3. On-going drainage and maintenance program

The Public Works Department has continued working on cleaning residential draining ditches that have experienced poor drainage.

4. Pecan Acres (Mahann, Kinkaid, Delmas) Drainage Project

Installation of the drainage pipes was completed. The city Public Works Department will be regrading ditches to improve the drainage in the area.


1. On-going Water and Sewer Maintenance Program

Water leaks and sewer failures are still being seen in the month of July.

2. Water Well Repair Project-Cloud Street 

The project has been completed and the well is back in production.

3. Water Well and Water Plant Project – CR 222 (Halford)

Halff and Associates the city’s engineering firm on the project are completing the plan and specifications for the project. The plans and specifications must be submitted to the USDA for review and approval. The city staff anticipate the project to be out for bid by the third quarter of 2020 once USDA approves the plans and specifications.


1. FM 1301 Extension and Overpass Project Progress Report

IDC Inc. has submitted to TxDOT Yoakum district office all required plans for the project. The city staff continues to coordinate with TxDOT to ensure the project continues to move forward. The city staff is working on funding for the project.

2. I-69 Project

The city submitted the comments as approved by the city council to TxDOT. TxDOT has informed the city that an engineering firm has been selected to design the project from Highway 60 to FM 961.

3. NanYa Exit Ramp Project

TxDOT has been coordinating with NanYa and JM Eagle on the exit design.

4. 2020 City Street Improvement Project

The city has begun the 2020 Street Improvement Project. The City of Wharton Public Works Department has prepared approximately 75 percent of the streets for the street program. The seal coating is expected to begin in early September 2020.

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