There are more parts of Wharton County that are saturated and not under extreme dry conditions therefore outdoor burning has continued to be allowed.

This comes after the Keech-Byram Drought Index average for the county on Sunday, Sept. 22 was 323 (37-578).

Andy Kirkland, who is the coordinator for the county’s Emergency Management, said the value was low enough that a burn ban was not needed to be announced.

He did provide KBDI averages for neighboring counties that were much higher than ours, including Austin (547), Colorado (537), Jackson (564).

The KBDI average for Fort Bend County was 108 and Matagorda County 185.

It’s forecast to rain between 20 and 40 percent from Wednesday through the weekend, Kirkland reported.

He also said the tropics are forecast to leave southeast Texas alone and give residents here a chance to dry out.

Stephen Johnson, coordinator for the City of Wharton’s Emergency Management added: “Tropical weather shows two systems that may affect our area. The first, just off the Yucatan Peninsula has a 20 percent chance of development over the next five days but is forecast to go into the east coast of Mexico. The second system, Tropical Depression Karen, in the Caribbean.  This system is forecast to move north, then Northeast, and the forecast then shows west back toward the U.S.  Karen is expected to have little change in strength the next 48 hours. Fall is here, I’ll be glad when it feels like the season.”

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